Passed pupils with huge smiles 

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Julie Sculfor 5/12/2013

Cheers Barry. Thank so much for being patient and giving me a good laugh.

Peter Fogarty 12/10/2013

Following some lessons with another instructor I was left feeling even more anxious about driving than I already had been. I decided to switch to Barry, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. In our first lesson, he quickly solved any issues I had carrying over from my previous lessons. Barry's friendly and encouraging nature made a huge difference to my driving. Throughout my learning, he never became impatient or upset whenever I made mistakes. Looking back, I didn't think I could get this far this soon, but I listened to everything Barry told me, and I was able to pass my driving test on the first attempt with just 1 minor fault. As I didn’t have access to a car for private practise I put my faith completely in the lessons, and Barry really helped me to conquer any demons I had about driving. I would instantly recommend him. Just wish I had gone to him first. Thanks Barry! One of the best teachers I've had. Full stop.

Ryan Cheale 31/07/2013

Barry is an awesome instructor who reinforces learning through the use of humour in a positive and straight-forward way. Barry has a unique ability to teach without shouting & instead of telling pupils off for doing something wrong; instead he will discuss it in a straight-forward fashion, with plenty of positive feedback. Will remember Barry's 'check your mirrors' for ages'! Would highly recommend as Barry is a very genuine and patient person and will not get angry on the occasion that you do something wrong. Thanks Barry! :D

Adam Curphey 20/05/2013

Following unhappy experiences with previous driving instructors had led me to be a very nervous driver. However, Barry's patient tuition and down-to-earth attitude helped guide me through to a first-time pass on my test and, more importantly, helped me to enjoy driving again. Thank you, Barry!

Ayrton Lambird 13/05/2013

Barry is a great instructor who will give you a good laugh. Barry has a great sense of humour and has a great teaching/instructing style. Anyone who is looking to start driving, I would 100% recommend coming to Barry, if you listen to the information he tells you I can tell you now you will be guaranteed to pass. He has loads of patience and genuinely cares. Top class instructor highly recommended. 10/10 - Will defiantly be passing this onto my friends who are looking to start driving. - Thanks Barry! B-)

HIBAH ALAM 25/03/2013

I managed to pass my test first time round and was over the moon when I did so - it was all down to Barry's effective lessons and style of teaching. I was a nervous driver to start off with and Barry made me gain self-confidence by encouraging me every lesson and working through my mistakes. Thank you Barry :)

LEWIS PAGE 27/2/2013

My cousin was learning to drive with Barry and he told me how he got on with him well and enjoyed his lessons. I decided to start learning to drive with Barry and quickly built a good relationship with him. Barry has a great sense of humor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thankyou!!

CONNOR PAGE 4/2/2013

I first heard about Barry from my cousin who was learning how to drive with Barry, and was doing well and got along with him, so i though i would try too. I had never drove a car before but that soon changed and I began to get less nervous and more independent because of Barry being a good instructor, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much Barry I'm glad i chose you as an instructor and I have no regrets thanks.

DARRYL 18/12/2012

My wife was learning with another instructor and getting no where. I found Barry's website and decided to get my wife to try a couple of lessons with him. She was instantly much happier driving and learned so much in such a short time, especially compared to the last instructor. My wife would thoroughly recommend Barry to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Barry will not just teach you to pass the test but really teach you to drive. I can't recommend highly enough. 


DAPO ALAGBE 29/11/12

I started driving lessons with Barry earlier this year and i must admit it has been the best experience of my life. I passed today with my first attempt and i must say everything i know is down to Barry. He is an excellent driving instructor who makes the lessons both fun and enjoyable. He is nice, easy going and has a great sense of humor, he would tell you right from wrong but not in a teacher style way. He does it in a very easy going manner. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

ARAN MOORE 26/11/2012

Everything about driving i know now is because of barry, he taught me from start to finish and was great throughout. I never drove a car before and driving with barry was great. He would ease you into everything taking one step at a time and before you know it your driving around with little help. He is nice, easy going and has a great sense of humor, he would tell you right from wrong but in such a casual manner. He is a great for first timers and a great instructor.

SAMUEL BYERS 14/11/2012

Barry made my lessons enjoyable and fun with his wit and down to earth personality, i was nervous at first but that soon wore off after a few lessons, i knew that i had made the right choice. After passing my test first time with 5 Minors i can't thank Barry enough. highly recommended to anyone willing to start learning or in need for more experience.
Thanks Barry :)

JOE GOODBODY 14/10/2012

As a nervous learner, Barry put me at ease. I had failed 2 tests with previous instructors, but Barry taught me what I needed to know and I passed the first test I took with him as my instructor. Nice man who really cared about getting me to pass.

LIA BRIGHT 9/10/2012

Barry has taught me everything I need to know about driving. I had never drove a car before I started having lessons with Barry and from start to finish he has been great. I had no confidence on the road in my first few lessons but as time passed I gained more knowledge of the roads and other car users and from then on my confidence and driving skills both went up. Barry is a great instructor and isn't afraid to tell you right from wrong. I couldn't have had a nicer and more genuine instructor and also one that has the same sense of humour as me! Thank you for being a great instructor it has been a pleasure to learn to drive with you.

BEN BARBER 25/09/2012

Even thou it took a while I finally passed my practical test thanks to Barry who taught me and I would defiantly recommend him to any new driver looking for a very good driving instructor.



Barry West did the impossible! I passed both my theory and practicle test 1st time and with out Barry i could have never done it. Full credit to him!! His teaching skills are excellent! I was a very nervous person and he understood how to get me to conquer my fears and nerves. He is friendly and calm and always has a smile. I honestly cant speak highly enough of him, you will not be disappointed if u chose Barry. I will miss him! :)


ANNIE WISE 04/06/2012

When I met Barry I could drive, as long as it was in a straight line and had no trees or bushes on the left hand side haha. I was very nervous but by the end of my first lesson he had made me feel comfortable and already improved my confidence! I continued to gain confidence and looked forward to my driving lessons! After 26 hours of teaching from Barry I passed my driving test 1st time with just 1 minor! I would recommend Barry to anyone, a top driving instructor! Thank you!! xx

ALEX GEATER 11/05/2012

Barry West did the impossible! I'm a nervous driver, made many mistakes and needed too be very flexible with lesson times and pick up/drop off points, after my first lesson with Barry you can tell you've got a great teacher! I would not have passed if it wasn't for this guy!
Reading his other reviews I can only agree with them, Barry really made the effort with me and I could tell he planned his lessons just for my requirements. An instructor worth your time and money!

HANNAH BATH 19/03/2012 

Barry West is the best driving instructor I could have asked for, and I knew from my first lesson that I'd made the right choice. He's incredibly personable and we had a laugh every single lesson! But he also knows how to teach fantastically, and takes care to tailor his teaching to the needs and abilities of each pupil. Most importantly, he doesn't dwell on any mistakes - or allow you to dwell on them either! He was always on time, always smiling, and with his help I passed my test first time!!


Barry is an excellent instructor! I came to Barry after failing two tests with a previous instructor and he was honest and open, he saw what my strengths and weaknesses were and gave me the confidence back with driving, and got me through my test smoothly and successfully. I highly recommend Barry, he is firm, but has a great sense of humour and will get anyone through their test! I've already recommended him for my sister next year! Thank you Barry!

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