Terms and Conditions

I Barry West (Instructor) reserve the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicle (for reasons of safety) for test if you the pupil in my professional opinion are not test standard.


If a lesson is cancelled by you (the Pupil) within 48 hours of the lesson date and time, I will be entitled to charge for the missed lesson.


Any block booking monies paid for lessons must be used within six (6) months of the first lesson date, NO outstanding monies will be refunded if the six (6) months have elapsed.


The duration of the lessons are either 1.5 or 2 hour. I do not do 1 hour lessons.


Please ensure you have the lesson money prior to the lesson, I do not give credit.


Any refunds of lesson monies will be refunded by cheque.


When it’s time to book a practical test (agreed by me) do not book a test earlier than 10am.


If you (the pupil) stop taking lessons between booking the test and the date of the test, I will refuse to take you to your test.


The test confirmation email you receive from the DVSA must be forwarded to me via email info@barrywestadi.co.uk the date, time and location of the test will then be booked into my diary.


The only test centre I use is Gillingham, do not book any other test centres.


The cost for the tuition vehicle for the time of the practical test is £70.


Lessons and test fee can only be paid for by bank transfer (ask for details) 48 hrs prior to lesson NO CHEQUES.